Millennial helps her Baby Boomer grandpa.

VIDEO: Baby Boomers bash Millennials once again!

Is the Millinneal in your life ready for the world?
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Home Recycling

Recycling Tips With Uzette

Uzi explores how to recycle the right way, when at home...
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Sarah and Vinnie in Sonoma

Vinnie Gets A Birthday Roast!

Happy Birthday, Vinnie! Now enjoy these jokes from your family!
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Woman choosing clothes to wear from her closet

VIDEO: Panic! at the Closet

According to a recent study, the average person will panic 36 times a year while shuffling through their closet. As for our Uzette, who dresses to the nines EVERY DAY, she prides herself in looking her best even when no one's watching!
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Uzette At Bibo Salon

Uzette's Calligraphy Pen Cut At BIBO Salon In Uptown Oakland

Pictures of Uzette's haircut at BIBO Salon in Oakland.
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‘I Need Meat Every Day!’ – World Premiere Music Video

The highly anticipated music video release doesn’t come from Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga. Everyone asked for it and finally, we deliver it! Presenting, Uzette’s Music Video to “I Need Meat Every Day!”
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