Sarah and Vinnie Live Video

The Hunt Movie Review

Movie Review: 'The Hunt' Takes On Modern Politics

This satrically violent murder mystery takes on a lot of ideas, but pays off with an entertaining story.
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Yul Kwon on Sarah and Vinnie

VIDEO: Survivor Winner Yul Kwon visits Sarah and Vinnie!

Yul Kwon is a local favorite on this season of Survivor: Winners at War, and is now fighting for a great cause, ALS Research.
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Ford v Ferrari and The Kingmaker 2019

Movie Review: 'Ford v Ferrari' and 'The Kingmaker' are Cinematic Pieces of History

Ford v Ferrari is the ultimate "boys movie!"
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Jordan Klepper with Sarah and Vinnie

VIDEO: Jordan Klepper Brings the Funny to Sarah and Vinnie

Jordan Klepper visits the Alice Morning Show!
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JUDY may be a joyless film, but Abominable is breathtaking!

Movie Review: 'JUDY' May Be the Best Joyless Film Ever and 'Abominable' is Full of Breathtaking Animation!

JUDY may be a joyless film, but Abominable is breathtaking!
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Sarah and Vinnie Interview Lesley Nicol

VIDEO: Sarah and Vinnie Interview Lesley Nicol of Downton Abbey

Mrs. Patmore sings Mamma Mia for the Alice Morning Show!
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MOVIE REVIEW: "Downton Abbey" and "Ad Astra" Take Us to New Worlds

Hooman and Corey Rosen see the much anticipated "Downton Abbey" film and review Brad Pitt's "Ad Astra".
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"IT Chapter Two" and "Dark Crystal"

Movie Review: "The Dark Crystal" and "IT Chapter Two" are Creepily Awesome!

"IT Chapter Two" brings Better Acting, while "Dark Crystal" Thrives in Nostalgia
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Lion King 2019 Movie poster

Movie Review: Disney's 'Lion King' Movie is Critic Proof, Yet Unnecessary

Hooman and Bryn give their epic movie review for the highly anticipated live action version of Disney's Lion King!
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Sad birthday -  Sad little girl in birthday cap looking at festive cake with candles

Sarah and Vinnie Laugh at "Happy Birthday, Loser" Cake

Parents of a young child accidentally ordered a cake that read "Happy Birthday, Loser" for their daughter! A two-year-old daughter named Liz, nicknamed Lizard, had quite the surprise for her birthday last year. Lizard's parents went to Walmart to get her a cake--asking the woman who worked at the...
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