Oprah Winfrey

A Wrinkle In Time movie poster

VIDEO: 'A Wrinkle In Time' Looks Disappointing At Best

'A Wrinkle In Time' was a huge let down for Hooman and special guest, Tommy Igoe! No amount of objectivity could save this train wreck of a movie.
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Oprah Addresses Talk of a Presidential Bid

The media mogul says she is aware of all the talk of her taking up residency in the White House...
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Seal Clarifies Inspiration Behind Oprah/Weinstein Social Media Meme

"I have an enormous amount of respect for everything that Oprah has achieved and contributed in her life."
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Seal Calls Oprah Winfrey Part of the Problem After Golden Globes Speech

The singer posted a photo of the Winfrey socializing with Harvey Weinstein.
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