UC Berkeley Launches Wide-Scale Self-Testing Survey

A large scale COVID 19 survey is underway in the Bay Area.

Participants are self-testing at home and sending the samples back to UC Berkeley to be test. KCBS Radio’s Jim Taylor is one of them and says it took some blood, no sweat but maybe a tear or two to collect the necessary samples at home.

The self-tests involved three different types of samples: saliva, a nasal swab and blood. 

UC Berkeley launches wide-scale self-testing survey
Jim Taylor/KCBS Radio

First up, the saliva, the easiest of the three. “Until the liquid, not the bubble, reaches this fill line,” said Claire, a friend assisting in the process.

“Oh wow, that’s a lot of spit.”

Next was the nasal swab, which has become an all too familiar process in recent months. A swab is inserted into the nose until you feel resistance, then gently twist to collect the sample.

Trickiest of the three was the blood sample, which requires the participant to prick themselves.

Once all the samples are collected, they are stowed in a biohazard bag and sent back to UC Berkeley for testing.