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Sarah is from “Back East,” the Boston area (south shore, not the more desirable north shore) where she grew up the eldest daughter and also the eldest of all her cousins, making her intolerable in her bossiness. She likes to say she was the “leader” and that “nothing would have ever gotten done without her ‘leadership'” but her siblings and cousins say she was a tyrant who cried if she couldn’t have her way (which means she never cried because, let’s face it, Sarah always gets her way).

Sarah went to Johnson & Wales College for one year and then she discovered she could make money singing and pretending to play guitar. So, she did that for a few years. After a few brushes with what you might call “the dark side,” she was forced to move back in with her parents and get a job in her dad’s factory. (She was only in her early 20’s at that point, and it’s not like she was living in the basement playing video games, besides, some girls live at home until they’re married, so it’s not like she had anything to be ashamed of, so it’s kinda weird that she felt like such a loser!)

While working at her dad’s factory (which sucked! – quality control and packing and shipping little tiny painted parts for computer motherboards – or whatever – who could even tell what those stupid little things were!) she would listen to Charles Laquidara on WBCN. It was the first time she had really paid attention to the radio (except in 5th grade when she and her best friend, Julmarie Homer, had spent weeks calling JB105 trying to get them to play Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer” and finally one of the DJ’s yelled at them and called them stupid kids and told them to quit calling constantly) and she really found herself influenced by a certain commercial she heard over and over again. (See potential clients? Radio Advertising Works!) The commercial in question was for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (located in Massachusetts – maybe it was just a branch?) and Sarah signed up. (her parents paid – thanks mom & dad!)

She emerged three months later with a “demo tape” (on an actual Memorex cassette – old people will understand) and landed an internship with Charles’ show on ‘BCN. The rest is a lot of right place, right time and willingness to move around the country. Luckily, Sarah was in a band at the time called Joe Rockhead and wound up married to the guitar player, John.

Somehow, he has stuck it out with her and found ways to trick her into thinking things are her idea while always seeming to get his own way. (She gives up.)

She spent time at Q96FM in Orlando, FL (with no air conditioning in her car – boo freaking hoo!), part time at KLOS in Los Angeles (arrived just in time for the riots, got out just in time to miss the Northridge quake), landed her first full time gig in St. Louis, MO at “The Point” (started in middays, moved to afternoons and finally begged her way into mornings – yay!), WDRE in Philadelphia where she first met and worked with Vinnie Hasson (known at the time as Vinnie Crackhorn – he used to think he was named after Jimmy Crackcorn – we had to break it to him – sad day) and finally to Alice@97.3 where she’s been since 1997, many thousands of years ago. (I’m amazed you’re still reading this, I’m boring myself silly.)

She has two kids, two cats, two eyes, a hangnail and occasional gas.

Love, Sarah