WEEKENDS 1 pm – 7 pm

Hey, it’s your weekend dude, Krems! I like cured meats, hanging out with you on weekend afternoons, and hitting shows. I also love me some Dubs and Giants.

I started at Alice as an intern for Jayn, and I was lucky enough to gain lots of experience that eventually led to me having my own show. That’s when Sarah and Vinnie told me that my on-air name should be “Mike Lightning", which I very respectfully took a hard pass on. 

I love what I do, and even though I definitely #peakedinhighschool, I’m still pretty tolerable these days. I recently invested in a toy display case because I just turned 30 and…never mind actually. 

Some Side Notes: I wear Saucony brand shoes (very comfortable), I had a brief affair (it’s still going) with corduroy pants, and usually, am rocking some variation of the comb-over hairstyle. I am your classic “athletic build” (chubby), with eyes that most can’t even begin to classify. They are bluish, but also greenish. Either way, dreamy as hell. 

Alrighty let’s wrap this thing up: I’m beyond stoked to do what I love, in the stunningly perfect Bay Area, surrounded by the absolute best. 

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