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Born to immigrant parents from Vietnam, Bryn Nguyen is livin’ the Dream! Originally from Daytona Beach, Florida, Bryn’s family made the big move to the West Coast in 1984. Growing up in the City for most of his life he is considered a true San Francisco native. He attended San Francisco public schools from K-12 before attending City College of San Francisco. After some time there, Bryn transferred to San Francisco State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television media.
Having always had an interest in media production, Bryn set his sights on the broadcasting industry. This ambition led him to an internship with the Sarah and Vinnie Morning show, and as the cliche’ goes, ‘the rest is history’!

Bryn has been an integral part of the Morning Show family for several years now, learning — and mastering — each task he tackled. Over the years, he’s moved his way up the ranks from Intern, to Technical Producer, and finally, Executive Producer of the Morning Show!

With his swift “on the fly” sound effects, sound bites, and loud infectious laughter that the listeners love, Bryn adds an invaluable comedic relief to the already funny Sarah and Vinnie.

Due to Bryn’s caring personality, he has nurtured one intern to the next, taking each one under his wing and guiding them through the exclusive behind the scenes of what it takes to actually run a Top Rated Morning show. He personally teaches each intern how to do the necessary and tedious duties of sound editing and more, but most importantly, how to have fun while doing it! Because as the saying goes — nobody dies in radio.
Bryn comes from humble beginnings. He is a father of two, who enjoys his time off air with his large Vietnamese family, eating exotic foods (if you can think of an outrageous food he’s probably tried it!), and martial arts. Fun fact, he is a third degree black belt! So yeah, best not mess with this DJ, yo! Just kidding. As we all have grown and to know and love Bryn, we know he loves hearing from his listeners! Feel free to text into the show to learn more!