Off Beat Music Festival

Off Beat Music Festival

Various Locations
Midtown Reno
Reno, NV 89501
United States

Event Description:

Three Days of Music Discovery in #RenoTahoe!

Yes, there are still discoveries to be made. See new, unknown, unheralded bands in intimate settings before they blow up and have their songs blasting in every earbud, headlining at every festival and selling out at every venue from Tokyo to Tulsa. There are new songs to hear, in places you’ve never heard them, creating an charged energy that will never be heard the same way again.

That’s the spirit of the 4th annual Off Beat Music Festival, a “music festival crawl of sorts.” Hear over 100 performances of the best homegrown musicians, regional bands and nationally-recognized artists! Discover new music at unique and intimate locations around the core of Midtown Reno.

Music Line-Up
Discover the best homegrown musical and artistic talent; better yet. You can even check out band bios and music here!Over 100 performances of regional bands and nationally-recognized artists, some hailing from as far as New York and Canada! Here’s a partial list of the line-up, with more to come:

  • Blitzen Trapper
  • Haunted Summer
  • Holy Wave
  • The Fresh & Only’s
  • Death Valley Girls
  • Lumerians
  • The Blank Tapes •
  • Planet Booty
  • Pearl Charles
  • The Grizzled Mighty
  • Quinn Deveaux
  • Petunia and the Vipers
  • Ural Thomas and the Pain
  • Mojo Green
  • Acid Tongue
  • The Bash Dogs
  • Smokey Brights
  • Travis Hayes
  • Miss Lonely Hearts
  • Emily Afton
  • Oh, Rose
  • The Mammoths
  • Flaural
  • Slow Corpse
  • Elephant Rifle
  • Van Goat
  • Failure Machine
  • Spirit Award
  • Honyock
  • Prism Bitch
  • Fringe Class
  • Sun Valley Gun Club
  • Ghost King
  • Laura Benitez & Heartache
  • The HA
  • Slow Motion Cowboys
  • Bear Call
  • Joan and the Rivers
  • Werewolf Club
  • Dainesly
  • Half Stack
  • Dead Country Gentlemen
  • The Juvinals
  • Stirr Lightly
  • Mutual
  • Skew Ring
  • Night Rooms
  • Pry