Green Book

VIDEO: "Green Book" Movie Review

Hooman and Bryn give their review of Green Book featuring Academy Award nominee Viggo Mortensen ( Eastern Promises , The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali ( Moonlight , Hidden Figures ).
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Sarah and Vinnie

VIDEO: The Proper Way To Serve Cranberry Sauce

Sarah discusses her recipe for cranberry sauce and the proper way to serve it.
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Sarah & Vinnie

VIDEO: Vinnie Talks Kid's Ballet Class

Vinnie shares his experience at his daughter's ballet class.
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VIDEO: Man Area-Shaped Jewelry

Vinnie reports that Yves Saint Laurent is launching a line of penis-shaped earings and accessories.
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Scott Capurro on Sarah and Vinnie

VIDEO: Sarah Imitates Scott In 'Star Wars'

Sarah has something to say about Scott in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
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VIDEO: Sexy Food Time With Vinnie

The show got sexy with Vinnie reading foods ...
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Sarah Flossing

VIDEO: Watch Sarah Floss (Dance)

Sarah showed off her flossing skills.
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VIDEO: Fast Facts On The Platypus

Vinnie shares some fast facts about the platypus.
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Arms Are The Worst

VIDEO: Arms Are The Worst

According to Uzette and Sarah, arms just get in the way.
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VIDEO: Hooman Proves That God Exists

This morning Hooman proved that God exists by pointing out that HE has this job!
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