VIDEO: Dr. Evil Genius Meets Garage Cat

Dr. Evil Genius wants to team up with Garage Cat.
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VIDEO: Vinnie And The Screaming Lady

Vinnie wants Bryn to stop playing the "screaming lady" AKA Vinnie on a rollercoaster.
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VIDEO: Sarah Sings Like Bradley Cooper

Sarah does her impression of Bradley Cooper singing.
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VIDEO: Vinnie Hates Grey

Vinnie is not pleased with his lady's choice of fence color ... grey.
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VIDEO: Vinnie Plays The Sound Of Mars

Vinnie shares the sounds of the planet Mars.
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VIDEO: Vinnie And The Haunted House

Sarah tells the story of Vinnie and the haunted house.
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Sarah and Vinnie

VIDEO: Vinnie The Poet

Vinnie talks about his (FAILED) attempt at writing poetry.
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VIDEO: Vinnie Was Not Impressed By The Mars Landing

Vinnie tells us why he was not impressed by yesterday's NASA Mars landing.
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VIDEO: Vinnie Is Astonished By 'The Lion King'

Sarah and Vinnie discuss the new The Lion King trailer.
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Michael Franti

VIDEO: Michael Franti Joins Sarah And Vinnie

Michael Franti joined Sarah and Vinnie in the studio to wish Sarah a happy birthday and more.
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