VIDEO: Is Baby Shark Torture?

The show discusses Bryn's obsession with the "Baby Shark" song and who is being tortured.
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VIDEO: The Doorbell Licker

Sarah and Vinnie speculate about the Salinas man who was filmed licking a doorbell for 3 hours. Click here for the surveillance video.
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Scott Capurro

VIDEO: Scott Capurro Calls The Show

Scott called in this morning to wish the show a Happy New Year.
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VIDEO: The Season of Gonorrhea

Vinnie explains "gonorrhea season" and we learn about Sarah's past exploits.
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Penny Marshall

Watch Penny Marshall As The Babysiter Bandit On "The Simpsons"

The late Penny Marshall had among her many accomplishments the honor of being the very first guest voice on The Simpsons .
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VIDEO: Uzette's Christmas Plans

We learn all about Uzette's Christmas plans.
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VIDEO: Dr. Evil Genius Meets Garage Cat

Dr. Evil Genius wants to team up with Garage Cat.
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VIDEO: Vinnie And The Screaming Lady

Vinnie wants Bryn to stop playing the "screaming lady" AKA Vinnie on a rollercoaster.
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VIDEO: Sarah Sings Like Bradley Cooper

Sarah does her impression of Bradley Cooper singing.
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VIDEO: Vinnie Hates Grey

Vinnie is not pleased with his lady's choice of fence color ... grey.
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