Rudy's Rants: The Case For NFL Referees!

NFL Refs Are Old And Need Protection!

October 9, 2018
Rudys Rants on NFL Refs

Regular watchers of the NFL have complained about the sport getting too political and too soft! With new age medicine proving CTE to be an issue, players have become more protected than ever before. However, there is an important population of NFL workers who get hit on every play and don't wear pads.

REFEREES! Hate 'em or love 'em, those (often) elderly rule enforcers should be fully padded before hitting the field. They chase players around, get trampled by linemen and deal with malfunctioning microphones for hours at a time. This is a Public Service Announcement to Save Our Referees!

If you or a loved one wants to support referees, go to your local sports store and buy a whistle. 

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