Rudy's Rants: BART Riders Are Zombies!

BART Riders get the rage from Our Friend Rudy!

August 16, 2018
Our Friend and Comedian, Rudy Ortiz

Public Transportation can be a nightmare--from unstable times, to crowded buses and trains, smelly individuals, and even poor customer service. However, there is one constant across every major city in America--the antisocial rider! 

These people have iPhones for eyeballs and headphones for ears. Have you ever had to repeat "Excuse me" several times because someone's phone was a distraction to the real world? It's almost as if human interaction is completely avoided at all costs while riding the BART or bus. 

Our Friend Rudy gives a hilarious take on his public transportation experience in a new segment we call Rudy's Rants!

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