Staten Island Police Officers Celebrate Homeless Woman's Birthday with a Song and a Meal

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Staten Island Police Officers Celebrate Homeless Woman's Birthday

By Meredith Ganzman/Joe Cingrana

July 9, 2018

(RADIO.COM) — These kind-hearted New York Police officers celebrated a homeless woman's birthday with a song and a meal at the Staten Island Ferry terminal. 

Facebook user Mandie Dee, who captured the moment tells, "the cops have a very good relationship with Lisa, and they remembered it was her birthday from a previous conversation." So, the boys in blue took it upon themselves to surprise her with birthday wishes. 

The officers also bought her a hamburger, fries and a drink to go along with their song. 

After a video of the tiny party went viral, Amanda thanked the officers with a message:

"It’s important to remember that a simple act of kindness can go a Long way, even if it’s as little as giving someone a meal, it can make that one person feel like they truly matter and make them feel loved. And of course a special thanks to these nypd officers who took a few moments of their time to perform this small, but loving, act. It’s a good reminder to our community that our officers truly do care about the public they serve every day."

It was a small gesture that went a long way, and definitely made Lisa smile on her special day.