Vinnie Gets A Birthday Roast!

Guess who gets called a "corn dog with glasses"!

April 13, 2018
Sarah and Vinnie in Sonoma

Vinnie rarely celebrates his birthday, but the morning show family felt the need to show its appreciation for our favorite guy! The gifts began with a card of treats that allow Vinnie to not attend certain events like housewarmings or use a spoon for his yogurt. 

Alice and Michael Martin gave Vinnie the chance to play any song on our airwaves during the show, which of course was hardcore rock--"Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies, to be exact. We had a few surprise guests drop in to wish Vinnie a happy birthday, including Scott Capurro!

Finally, our friend Rudy Ortiz used his talents to perform a hilarious roast of Vinnie and the rest of the morning crew. Take a moment to wish Vinnie the happiest of birthdays!