VIDEO: The Quarter-Life Crisis That Plagues Millennials

Sarah and Vinnie talk about the issues that trouble Millennials in their mid-20's!

March 13, 2018
Millennials having a crisis

The mid-life crisis has been a well known occurrence where middle aged men stereotypically buy sports cars, suddenly switch careers, or make drastic changes to their lives. The same is seen in some women, who often worry about health, life long choices, and meaningful relationships. 

In recent years, millennials have begun experiencing what has been deemed a "quarter-life crisis", which occurs during their mid-to-late 20s and early 30s. In this timeframe, money becomes a major issue along with a lack of fulfillment in careers and college degree programs. Turning 25-years old is the age where it all hits home--adulthood is here and there is no turning back!

For more than 50% of millennials, the struggle is real. After accumulating massive debt to higher education, trouble on the housing market, and a lack of stable relationships, this quarter-life crisis hits hard. Fortunately, we're usually able to figure it out and make the best of our situations--until that dreaded mid-life crisis come around.

Be sure to hug a millennial in your life today, they really need your support.