VIDEO: $1.4 Million Virginity

A 26-Year Old Woman Sells Her Virginity to a Hollywood Actor!

March 27, 2018
Woman with cherry on belly button

"They say 'everything is for sale--for the right price!'"

A 26-year old European woman recently sold her virginity online for $1.4 million through a site called Cinderella Escorts. Jasmin, who says she has "respect [for] ladies who are traditional and want to wait for sex after marriage" listed herself on the website in hopes of putting the money towards starting her own business. Surprisingly, one of her favorite actors won the auction against a Munich-based businessman and Manchester United soccer star.

Apparently her parents are very supportive and allow Jasmin full agency of her body. The meeting with the winning Hollywood actor is set to take place in a Germany-based hotel next month. Jasmin is free to cancel the meeting at any time, and the winner is looking to bring his own doctor to confirm her virginity! Perhaps one day we'll learn the identity of the lucky guy who spent $1.4 million for a very peculiar experience.

Would you go back in time to sell your virginity and how much is your stuff worth?