Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 5.16.2018

May 16, 2018
Sarah And Vinnie Full Show Podcast

Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast:

6-7am – Uzette went underwear shopping, the royal wedding, a quick sports update, and the modern day 30 year old man is apparently having performance anxiety!

7-8am – ABC renewels and cancellations, your right to assisted dying, Yanny or Laurel, and the new way of shopping!

8-9am – Kurt Cobain's daughter loses dad's famed guitar in divorce, how a lady sends her coworkers off before they leave the company, the ten drunkest cities in America, a few fast facts, and how people get to sleep!

9-10am – Vinnie reads all your contributions through text messages!

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