Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 1.08.2020

Are aliens real? Rob Kardashian's claims against Blac Chyna, Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time and more!

January 8, 2020

Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast:

6am Celebrity Trash – Henry Winkler isn't a big Tom Hanks fan, and Andre Iguodala doesn't like money!

6am Alice News Network –  No 13th floors, the Super Nintendo game with no instructions, and taint bandages?

7am Celebrity Trash – Rob Kardashian says Black Chyna is "drunk all the time."  Michelle Pfieffer sold local Bay Area home for how much?

7am Alice News Network –  Everybody’s favorite passenger.  Is Grindr a good idea?   Do you date for free meals?

8am Celebrity Trash – The second night of "Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time" at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.  Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer compete for a $1 million prize and the bragging rights of being named the greatest "Jeopardy" player of all time. Zoe Kravitz had cancer years ago and surprises us with other facts.  Hunter Biden-you are the father!

8am Alice News Network –  Trump spoke.  A 41-year-old guy in Texas is facing charges after headbutting his girlfriend for complaining about how bad his GAS smelled.  Do aliens exist?

Final Break –  Bottlerock single-day announcement.  And Vinnie reads all your contributions through text messages!