Sarah And Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 10.18.2018

October 18, 2018
Sarah And Vinnie Full Show Podcast

Today's full show podcast ...​

6-7 AM - Rumors about Ariana, Pete and Mac Miller.  Who knew Ariana had so many tattoos?  Canelo Alvarez signs a huge fighting dealThe Conners did okay in the ratings. Breaking up is hard to do … what’s the best way to break up?  Tempest in a teapot?  What happened to Huey Lewis?

7-8 AM - Of all the richest celebrities, who is most liked and least liked?  Hate is a bad word.  Celebrities preserving themselves digitally.  Cardi B. says leave me alone!  A reboot for The Nanny? Today is the Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill.  Ex-USA Gymnastics president arrested.  Self-lubricating condom works for how many thrusts?  How much more does life cost post-kids?

8-9 AM - Red Sox talk.  Survivor review. What’s coming on after Super Bowl on CBS?  NFL ratings are back.  What cartoons did you watch as a kid?  Sets used in two different movies.  Floyd Mayweather speaks. Bay Area workers are putting off having families-why?  Half of US births happen outside of wedlock.  A ten-year-old makes a mark on the world.  SF ranked 4th best city for pizza.

9-10 AM - Vinnie reads your text messages.

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