Sarah And Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast: 10.16.2018

October 16, 2018
Sarah And Vinnie Full Show Podcast

Sarah and Vinnie full show podcast ...

6-7 AM - Today is John Mayer‘s 41st birthday. Oh, young love … Selena Gomez being treated for an emotional breakdown … Is it due to Justin Bieber marrying Hailey Baldwin? Doesn’t look like a clean break for Ariana and Pete or does it? You can buy the houseboat Tom Hanks spent time in. Mega Millions up to $654 million - Fourth largest jackpot. 49ers looked good but … Paul Allen of Microsoft passes away. Woman “accidentally” stabs and kills her husband.

7-8 AM - Randy and Evie Quaid are back in the news and being sued for $5 million. Trump shows up on 60 minutes and the painting behind him gets noticed - the artist’s sales have gone through the roof. Kanye meets with Ugandan President. Mariah Carey has new music. What would you give up to never have a hangover?  Popular Halloween costumes.  Locals still without power from PG&E due to red flag conditions.

8-9 AM - Paul Allen info.  What’s Snapchat stock look like today?  JLo and ARod’s driver run over a photographer.  Hip Hop Awards tonight as well as the new show The Connors.  Actress Margot Robbie is a dead ringer for Sharon Tate.  Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is on ... are you gonna vote?   Advice for a recent breakup.  A woman tries to block a man from his loft and gets fired.  Fan gets banned after throwing beer at NFLer.  Do you agree with this list of 2018 basic human rights?

9-10 AM - Vinnie reads your texts.

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