EU Parliament Backs Ban, Limits On Single-Use Plastics

October 24, 2018
Plastic Bottle Waste On the water surface dirty, Rotten water, Bottle Waste (Photo credit: Amnat Buakeaw)

(Photo credit: Amnat Buakeaw)


BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Parliament has overwhelmingly backed a wide-ranging ban on single-use plastics to counter pollution in seas, fields and waterways.

The ban would affect a range of products for which valid alternatives are available — from plastic straws to earbuds and plates — as of 2021 and would make sure that plastic bottles are 90 percent recycled by 2025.

Under the plan, fishing nets, which are now a key pollutant in the EU's Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean, will have to be produced differently, too.

The parliament backed the proposals with a 571-53 majority. With the vote, the parliament, the EU Commission and the member states will now enter negotiations in the weeks to come to make it binding legislation.