Konocti Harbor Resort - Clear Lake (Photo credit: Dreamstime)

Northern California's Konocti Harbor Resort Hopes To Reopen In The Fall

August 1, 2019

Closed since 2009, Konocti Harbor has been expected to re-open in 2019 and even though a wet winter set things back there's still hope that it will operate in some capacity as of September, or October, according to the Lake County Record-Bee..

For many years the Konocti Harbor Resort was a popular Northern California destination on the west shores of Clear Lake. The 100-acre resort also hosted big shows like Kelly Clarkson, Matchbox Twenty and Carrie Underwood at its 6,200-seat ampitheater that looked over the lake. New owners who purchased the property last year for $5 million have pledged to restore the resort, but the wet winter presented workers with several issues and made a summer opening not possible.

Konocti Harbor's Managing Director Russ Hamel has now said that a September, or October reopening is likely with 100 revamped rooms, bar, restaurant, and convenience store. However, one of Konocti's previous main attractions, the 6,200-capacity outdoor amphitheater where concerts were held is no longer expected to be restored. Hamel said it was never a huge moneymaker and it's not a smart business decision to bring it out of its current state of disrepair.

Concerts will return to the resort eventually in a smaller indoor theater.