Krems Binge-Watches 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life'

November 27, 2016
Gilmore Girls

(Courtesy of Netflix)


Our favorite Mother-Daughter duo are as quick-witted and coffee-fueled as ever. The revival started out a little iffy (cheesy moments and a lack of chemistry), but got better and better with each "season". This revival's upward slant from tolerable to extraordinarily perfect was extremely real for me.


Moment: Rory trying to deliver her "happy news" at the cemetery, which does not work out as intended.

Heavy Feels: Lorelai's phone call to Emily where she shares her favorite Richard Gilmore story, and the kitchen conversation had between Luke & Lorelai after her "Wild" trip. (Both in last "Season")

Best Line: It's of course delivered by the sass machine, Michel, "Now, your name is Molly? Why?"... said when interviewing someone to take over his position at the Inn.

Cameo: The "Parenthood" crew. Everyone will claim (Amber) Mae Whitman's cameo was the greatest cameo, but I very respectfully disagree as my heart lies with (Mark Cyr) Jason Ritter's cameo. (Adam Braverman) Peter Krause *Graham's real-life boo* was also stellar.

Short Character Breakdown:

Lorelai: Emotional wreck w/ solid anecdotes/quips. 

Luke: So many plaids. 

Rory: Self-destructive, but lovable.

Taylor: Kanye levels of cray. 

Logan: Womanizing turd.

Kirk: Ridiculous as ever.

Paris: Too much. 

Babette: Sally Struthers Slaughters.

Jess: Best character always, inspiring.

Dean: Fatherly.

Christopher: Predictably whatevs.

 Sookie: Terrifically whimsical.

Hep Alien Crew: Still shreds.

Emily: Transformative and still has the harshest burns in the game.

Logan Rant:  Dude does not deserve to be Rory's "person". He's the absolute worst and if you're #TeamLogan, we are not friends. However, I would like to be in his "click" because they do really tight stuff and dress cool and partake in debauchery, and that would be fun.

Spoiler:  Between hearing the phrase "full circle" used in a convo between Emily & Lorelai and Rory's visit to Christopher...I knew we were in for a Logan/Rory baby...but let's just pray that Rory experienced her second one-night stand ever, and that her and Jess GOT IT ON. #TeamJess

Prediction:  Rory has a baby boy and names him Richard. Kid drinks scotch, dresses nicely.

Final Thoughts: As someone that was extremely close with his grandfather, this revival brought back all the feels for me. And dude--Kurt annihilated those wedding decorations. My god.

Grade:  Solid A.

Keep 'em coming, Netflix. I love you.