Krems’ Heads Up Blog: ‘This Is Us’ Returns This Week!

September 24, 2017
Mandy Moore

(Photo by Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup)


Hello sweet babes. It's me, Krems.

This is Us returns this week and I hate crying in front of my girlfriend more than twice a week, but you guys, I'm freakin' excited. The show, which seamlessly tells the story of the Pearson's past and present, captured our hearts with its tear jerking reverse chronology in the first season. It also tackled the the loving but undoubtedly dysfunctional family in a way that dare I say rivaled Parenthood.

I love this show and can't wait to see Milo Venti-babe-lia killing it some more at being a dad, and Mandy Moore, well, say no more. (uh, she rules) Season 2 premieres September 26th so don't forget to tune in and click here to find out more.

<3 Krems