The Struts Revealed New Music And Touring With The Foo Fighters

For JaM Sessions at The JaMPad with Jayn...

May 25, 2018

Fresh from their kick-ass set Friday afternoon at the JaM Cellars Stage - BottleRock Napa Valley, The Struts stopped by JaM Sessions at The JaMPad with Jayn!

The Struts are coming off of touring with the Foo Fighters on the first leg of their U.S. Concrete and Gold Tour. The band talked about what it was like tour with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and the guys of the Foo Fighters.

Frontman Luke Spiller also revealed they have new music coming out. Jayn asked what it was like to make the new record. "It was very hectic," Spiller said. "A lot of blood sweat and tears." He motioned to the audience and said "But, that's what you like, isn’t it!? That’s what people like to hear.”

The Struts put together the new record in-between their recent shows, which added some pressure, "...I think it’s what made the music so strong. The pressure." Spiller adds.

During their set on the main stage, The Struts performed Bruce Springsteen’s mega-hit 'Dancing In The Dark'. Just like The Boss' they even brought someone up from the audience to dance like Courteney Cox did. They also completely floored the audience at the JaMPad stage with their cover of the Rolling Stone's 'Jumping Jack Flash'.