Napa Valley California Welcome Sign

Napa Valley California Welcome Sign (Photo credit: Serban Enache)

Bay Area Dominates The Top 10 Healthiest Counties in California List

March 20, 2018

(KCBS RADIO) - The Bay Area is still one of the healthiest places to live in the state as KCBS Radio's Megan Goldsby reports the conclusion of the latest breakdown of California's county's.

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Wine Country, it is a beautiful place to live. It turns out it's also among the healthiest places.

One resident says some "people get out, they ride their bicycles and they walk a lot." In some cases, "there's a lot more time that they spend outside in the garden," or in the vineyards. Napa moved up a place this year in the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps annual study.

It may be a case that Napa residents feel they eat more organic and take better care of themselves. But there's also a lot the socio-economic factors that play into this study. That could be why Marin came in first place, followed by San Mateo County and then Santa Clara County.

Napa health officials say there is room to keep moving up the list. One of the problems residents face is danger on the roads with a much higher average than the state when it comes to drinking and driving deaths.

Another resident said "I think we definitely watch out for it just because we have a lot of tourists up here. They don't understand that you know there's only so much wine you can drink before you can get back in your car."