The 39th Annual Comedy Day Line-Up

September 5, 2019
39th Annual Comedy Day

The 39th annual Comedy Day is Sunday, September 15 from noon to 5 PM in Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park.

This year's line-up includes Sarah and Vinnie favorites like Scott Capurro and Rudy Ortiz at the all-day FREE event.

PLEASE NOTE: Show is PG-13

Official 39th Annual Comedy Day Lineup:

Thee Stupeds - 11:45 AM
Debi Durst - 12:00 PM

Set One * 12:10-12:50 PM
Host: Ronn Vigh

Warhol Kaufman
Dejan Tyler
Nate Spears
Alyssa Westerlund
Zorba Jevon Hughes
Terrell 'Big T' Butler
Jason Bargert


Set Two * 12:50-1:25 PM
Host: Leiroy Abueg

K Cheng
Fred Reiss
Justin Lockwood
Samantha Gilweit
Rudy Ortiz
Oliver Graves

Set Three * 1:25 - 2:20 PM
Host: DNA

Kaseem Bentley
Tom Ammiano
Sandy Stec
Richard Chassler
Capt. Katie Robinson
Joe Klocek
Chad Opitz
Irene Tu

SF Sketchfest Set 2:20 - 2:50 PM
Host: Mark Smalls

Valerie Vernale
Colin Mahan & Mike Spiegelman
Brooke Heinichen
DJ Real

Set Four • 2:50 - 3:30 PM
Host: Arthur Gaus

Kabir Singh
Bernadette Luckett
Nato Green
Felicia Michaels
Abdul Kenyatta
Erin O'connor
Paco Romane
Billy Jaye

Set Five • 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Host: Bob Sarlatte

Dan St. Paul
Brian Copeland
Scott Capurro
Rick Overton
Mark Pitta
Johnny Steele
Dr. Gonzo
Will Durst
Diane Amos

Lineup and schedule subject to change • All times are approximate

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