Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 1.16.2018

January 16, 2018
Sarah And Vinnie Full Show Podcast

Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 1.16.2017

Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast:

6 - 7 AM: Dolores O’Riordan dies at age 46. Paris Jackson got her debit card stolen by a couple hitch-hikers. Movie theaters are now allowed in Saudi Arabia for the first time in 35 years! Hawaiians had a huge scare over the weekend. 40% of Americans have never left the country. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri won Best Picture.

7 - 8 AM: Gospel singer and Oakland native, Edwin Hawkins dead at age 74. Dolores O’riordan was found dead in her London Hotel room at age 46. Mark Wahlberg will donate his $1.5 million for reshoots to charity. Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are officially dating! Celebrities react to the SoCal mudslides. James Franco has more sexual harassment accusations. Jumanji won the Box Office this weekend! Johnny Depp spends $2 million per month. Hassle-Free workouts for women include flatulence. Humble Bragging is worse than regular bragging. Skirts for men a now a fashion trend. Sneezing fits. 

8 - 9 AM: Aziz Ansari responds to sexual misconduct allegations. Dolores O’Riordan had reported depression and back pain before suddenly passing away yesterday. Edward Hawkins died in his Pleasanton home after battling Pancreatic Cancer. Lindsay Lohan loses her accent and plans to build an Island in Dubai! NFL Playoffs continue this weekend. There is an amazing video of a car flying into the second-story of a building. Baby Brain, also known as Mom-nesia, is a real side-effect of pregnancy. Pre-chewing your partner’s food is the latest relationship fetish.

9 - 10 AM: We catch up on all of your texts from the morning!

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