Lorde Cancels Israel Concert Over Boycott

December 26, 2017

(RADIO ALICE) - On Sunday, Lorde announced she is cancelling her performance in Tel Aviv next year over Israel's human rights record.

In a statement, the New Zealand singer said it was "the right decision at this time" to cancel her June 2018 show in Israel. "I'm not too proud to admit I didn't make the right call on this one," following her initial decision to perform there.

Lorde follows suit along with Roger Waters, Lauryn Hill, Elvis Costello and other artists who are boycotting Israel over Palestinian treatment.

Miri Regev, the Israeli Culture Minister hopes Lorde reconsiders performing. In a statement addressed to the artist "Lorde, I expect you to be a pure heroine, like the title of your first album, a pure culture hero, free of any external — and if I may add, delusional — political considerations," Regev said.

The Israeli concert promoter of the cancelled show said "We forgive her."
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