Woman Call Cops Over Lack Of Sriracha

December 13, 2017
An unidentified woman in Seattle called 911 over a dispute with a pizza parlor and the amount of Sriracha sauce she received. The call came at 2:15 AM with the woman complaining that employees at a pizza shop were yelling at her and calling her names. According to the police blotter, upon arrival, the pizza shop employees told the police that she had made a "disturbance inside when she did not receive what she believed to be an adequate amount of Sriracha sauce." Apparently, the 36-year-old woman would not drop the Sriracha issue and police noted that she "attempted to divert [the] investigation from the assault to her irritation with the pizza parlor". She probably has no idea that you can buy single serving Sriracha packets. Future problem solved.

Bradford Hornsby is an editor, music writer, web producer, and pop culture blogger for Entercom stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find him on Twitter at @bradfordhornsby.