Proposal In The Works To Rename San Jose Street To Honor President Obama

December 7, 2017

SAN JOSE (KCBS) — A proposal to rename a major roadway in downtown San Jose after our 44th President is gaining momentum. If given enough support, Almaden Boulevard could be named Barack Obama Boulevard.

But some are a bit ambivalent about the name change.

"That's absolutely what we should do if that is popular opinion." Ryan Marr, who works in the South Bay is personally indifferent about the idea. He doesn't think he has enough attachments [to Obama]. "Maybe if it was put in front of me, sure," Marr says. "But otherwise I don't think I'm going to look for it,"

Supporters say they hope to celebrate the legacy of the 44th President and inspire the next generation of leaders in Silicon Valley. Victoria Rush says it's a good goal, but wishes supporters could have chosen something other than a road to honor the country's first African-American President.

"The symbolism behind it is kind of the fact that we would drive all over him which is kind of sad," Rush says. "It would be better to see it put toward something else."

The name change would require public input, one thousand signatures and a cost of $7,000. At least 10 streets across the U.S. and one in Tanzania have already been named after Barack Obama.

- Matt Bigler, KCBS Reporter

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