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Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 12.06.2017

December 6, 2017

Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 12.06.2017

Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Live Broadcast Podcast:

6 - 7 AM: We read a year-end list surrounding Twitter and our favorite shows! Danny Masterson gets fired from his Netflix series The Ranch amid sexual harassment allegations. Apple plans to build the greatest campus ever in Cupertino, CA. A woman has to dress up as a Christmas tree after gaining thousands of retweets! Air pollution from a Viagra factory in Ireland is apparently giving men unwarranted boners.

7 - 8 AM: We're waiting on updates regarding John Mayer’s emergency appendectomy. Depeche Mode sold the most concert tickets this year! Spotify released their year-end list of most streamed artists, albums and songs of 2017. We get an update from Michael Martin about John Mayer and Winterland! Russia has been banned from the Winter Olympics after a state-sponsored doping scandal in 2014. Wind gust are spreading the fires in Southern California. More than 3,000 employees in Oakland have continued their strike for a second day. Redheads have a lot of positive factors! Stone Brewing Company is the most searched beer in California! Pizza Hut will begin selling and delivering 6-packs of beer.

8 - 9 AM: Lindsay Lohan has a new bodybuilding BFF! Kim Kardashian will executive produce a new Lifetime show. The Last Jedi may not be a joyous story for Luke Skywalker. Fast Facts on The Great Gatsby movies. Laser Christmas lights are all the rage and neighbors want your decorations down by mid-January at the latest!

9 - 10 AM: We read all of your texts from the morning!

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