Tesla Unveils World's Fastest Production Car And Electric Semi Truck

November 17, 2017
Thursday night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the announcement that the brand was bringing the fastest production car in the world and a new electric semi to the market. The Tesla Roadster will top speeds of 250 miles per hour with 0 to 60 in a mind-boggling 1.9 seconds. The car with a base sticker price of $200,000 seats 4 and has a range of 620 miles. The plan is to have the Roaster available in 2020. Click here for all the stats on the car.

Musk also announced their new semi-truck capable of traveling 500 miles with a full 80,000-pound load. Musk said Tesla plans a worldwide network of solar-powered "megachargers" that could get the trucks back up to 400 miles of range after a 30-minute charge. Tesla is lauding the truck as the safest ever with:
Enhanced Autopilot helps avoid collisions, a centered driver position provides maximum visibility and control, and a low center of gravity offers rollover protection.
The truck will go into production in 2019. Click here for all the stats and details on the semi.

Bradford Hornsby is an editor, music writer, web producer, and pop culture blogger for Entercom stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find him on Twitter at @bradfordhornsby.