Cancun Is Looking To Pay $60,000 For An 'Experience Officer'

November 10, 2017

(RADIO ALICE) - If you have 6-months to spare and like the idea of getting paid to live in paradise, you may qualify for a specialty job in Cancun.

According to Fortune, is offering a job that pays $10,000 a month as a "CEO", a Cancun Experience Officer. The pay covers all expenses and is temporary position, lasting from March to August 2018.

Cancun, Mexico (credit: LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images)

The job does require some work. The job duties include writing blog posts for, post on social media and generate videos of things you can do in Cancun.

Sound simple, right? Not really. Especially when your job duties expect you to do things like swim with whale sharks, climb a 3,000 year old Mayan Pyramid and probably drink a lot of maragaritas and cervezas as you can.

100 candidates will be selected in December 2017. A list of 50 will be whittled-down in January. By the end of the month, the top 5 finalists will be flown to Cancun for the final selection process.

Still interested? Applications are available online on their website.
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