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Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 11.02.2017

November 2, 2017

Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 11.02.2017

Today on Sarah and Vinnie’s Full Show Podcast:

6 - 7 AM: The Charles Shultz museum will be reopening soon. Dustin Hoffman has more harassment allegations against him. The Astros won the World Series and a player proposes live on air! A Dodger has his house robbed the same night his team lost the World Series. Alex Trebek once ate too many weed brownies! Don’t forget to set your clocks back this weekend! A scorned woman trolls her ex-boyfriend by changing her Netflix password.  Are Holiday cards still a thing?

7 - 8 AM:  More information and a chance to win passes to Band Together Bay Area 2017. Tyrese is having a major breakdown! Risky Business is the new sexual harassment training provided to film cast and crews. Kevin Spacey has even more accusers than previously thought. Houston Astros win the World Series! Thursday Night Football. Papa Johns blames the NFL and everyone but themselves for failing sales. Dogs are better than people. Vinnie reads a few Fast Facts and catches up on texts!

8 - 9 AM:  BottleRock is presenting many benefit concerts in the Bay Area. Lady Gaga gets engaged! Andy Dick was fired from a live film set amid sexual assault allegations. Dr. Oz has Corey Feldman on his show to call the police! The Lion King cast is finalized and features Beyonce, Donald Glover and the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa. Crypto Currencies. There’s a new U2 Song featuring Kendrick Lamar. Day Light Savings is this weekend, Fall Back! Weather Report: rain is coming to the Bay Area. Hear all about this bad mom. When to buy last year’s car model and non-smokers are set to win work breaks!

9 - 10 AM:  We read all of your texts from the morning and Tommy Igoe joins Hooman for an exclusive movie review of Thor: Ragnarok.

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