Fast Facts about Friday The 13th
Superstition runs wild every Friday the 13th! Have you ever had a bad experience on this day or has your luck yet to get tested? In the month of goblins and ghouls, Friday the 13th should bring out the Halloween spirit!
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Thankful For Many Thanksgiving DinnersIt's the most delicious time of the year! Friends and Family across the country prepare giant meals and offer thanks for everything in their lives, but most will spend the Thanksgiving house hopping from dinner to dinner. The crew tells us their holiday plans, a few a cooking while others love the idea of Friendsgiving! No matter your choice, be sure to eat your weight in thankfulness.
Jonny Moseley On Sarah And VinnieJonny Moseley joins the show to talk about Warren Miller's 'Line of Descent', Cowboy Academy, and the Winter Olympics!
Emoji MadnessTexting has turned into modern day hieroglyphics since the invention of emojis! More and more users are skipping words altogether to now communicate through pictures. Early favorites were the smiley face, frown, and mouth-wide surprise! In 2017, emojis have taken an entirely new form and these are top 10, according to Apple.
Weird Things That Everyone Does!We're not so different, and many of us have very similar quirks! More than 80% of people will hold off eating a meal until they're able to find a good show and a few adults still eat their own boogers! What are some weird things that you do on the regular!?
A Toast To Something Special!As if we need a reason, people love to drink! Alcoholic spirits are often used to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, divorces, or just end of a long work week. Let us know your favorite occasions to pop a bottle or hit the bar!
Strawberry Pizza on a First Date!?If Pineapple Pizza works, why not Strawberry? A new trend has popped up across the internet where pizza lovers are putting more fruit on their favorite dish! What's your goto topping--and totally unrelated, how far would you go on a first date?

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