6-Year-Old Girl Gives Wise Life Lesson To Mom In Viral Video"I'm not trying to be mean," she tells her mom. "I just want everyone to be friends."
Viral Video Of The Week: 'Uptown Funk Movie Mashup'Some of the greatest dance scenes in all of ever...
Viral Video Of The Week: 'Justin & Jill's Drunk History'#RelationshipGoals
Watch The Jar Jar Binks 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer ParodyStar Wars purists worst nightmare has arrived. Jar Jar Binks is back ... sort of.
The 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Kids Today
13 Viral Videos Of The First Decade Of YouTube That Changed Pop Culture ForeverA decade of YouTube has given us a lot to laugh about, think about and share.
Watch: Video Of An iPhone Falling From Skyscraper And SurvivingWhooops!
Video: Watch The Slow Motion Destruction Of Easter Eggs, Chocolate Bunny, And MoreNeed a little pre-Easter mayhem? Wired has you covered with this slow motion video!
Watch: 'Game Of Thrones' Hodor Versus 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Groot In A Rap BattleEpic rap battle between two of the least eloquent fictional characters in media.
Video: Cooking Bacon With Machine GunsThe internet always has a little something new for us to marvel over. The latest craze is people cooking bacon with their machine guns.
Classic Viral Video: When People In Mobile, Alabama Found A LeprechaunLet's get into the internet time machine and relive one of the greatest viral videos of a decade ago.
Viral Video: Warning Against Hipster Baby NamesIn a PSA from WTFark, the important danger of hipster baby names is finally addressed.

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