Watch: Vinnie's Monday Morning LoveVinnie answers a personal question from Uzette and receives love from the morning show!
Ewww.... Surfer Butts The Focus Of Scientific Research Into Ocean BacteriaCall it the most literal "beach bum" study ever. Occasionally in science, the topic of your research and the perfect subjects in which to study it correlate in unique ways, case in point -- surfers and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. More specifically, surfer's colons.
Watch: Vinnie Checks Out Sarah's LegsVinnie checks out Sarah's legs that haven't been shaved in awhile due to water conservation.
Watch: Top 10 Gruesome "Game Of Throne" MomentsThe Sarah & Vinnie Morning Show relive the top 10 most gruesome moments on "Game of Thrones." (Warning: Contains Spoilers!)
Watch: Vinnie As Arnold SchwarzeneggerVinnie does a fast fact about Arnold Schwarzenegger in Arnold's voice.
Watch: Sarah and Vinnie Discuss Caitlyn JennerSee what Sarah & Vinnie had to say about Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover!
Watch: The Rusty TromboneQuestions for Uzette this morning were bordering on Secret Show content!
Watch: Would You Be The 'Pulp Fiction' Gimp?Vinnie asks Sarah & Uzette if they would ever be a "gimp" like in the infamous scene from 'Pulp Fiction' for somebody.
Watch: Greg Proops Wrote A BookGreg Proops talks about the readings he's been doing on his book signing tour, receives the highest compliment from Sarah, and divulges who inspired him to write "The Smartest Book in the World."
Watch: Greg Proops is "The Smartest Man in the World"Longtime friend of Sarah & Vinnie, Greg Proops, stopped by to discuss his book, "The Smartest Book in the World," history facts, and what he expects from his book signing in San Francisco.
Watch: Who Is Ronald Wayne?Who is Ronald Wayne and what's his connection to Apple? Sarah and Vinnie found out and they were shocked.
Watch: "Star Wars" Or "Avatar"?Hooman made his choice. Which film do you prefer?

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