Why Krems Thinks You Should Give Out Full-Sized Candy Bars This HalloweenThe World Needs More King-Sized Heroes! <3
Krems Remembers: Top 5 Fake BandsSome of the greatest songs ever are from bands that don't really exist. Whoa. <3
Top 5 Athletes Who Failed At MusicWe cheer when athletes win. We run away -- fast -- when athletes sing. Here are the top 5 worst cases of athletes singing.
5 Musical Icons We'd Like To See Judge 'American Idol'The current rumor involves quite the eclectic mix of genres: the already-confirmed Mariah Carey, rapper Nicki Minaj, country star Keith Urban, and Idol staple Randy Jackson. But what about the icons here? We've got a few ideas.
Five Things That Happen in Movies, Not Real Life
Top 5 Countries with the Hottest Hotties

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