Music Produces Same High as Sex or DrugsA new study gives new meaning to the phrase, 'sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.'
Elon Musk, Wozniak, & Stephen Hawking Warn Killer Robots Could Destroy Humanity As We Know ItIt may sound like a joke but some of the world's leading minds in technology are warning us about "Killer Robots."
There Are Four Types Of Drunk People According To ScienceWhich one are you?
Ewww.... Surfer Butts The Focus Of Scientific Research Into Ocean BacteriaCall it the most literal "beach bum" study ever. Occasionally in science, the topic of your research and the perfect subjects in which to study it correlate in unique ways, case in point -- surfers and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. More specifically, surfer's colons.
What Would Happen If You Dropped A Super Ball Off The Empire State Building?The Super Ball is so ubiquitous even the Super Bowl was supposedly inspired by it, and now physics know exactly why and how it does its super things.
31 Episodes Of 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' Are Now Streaming On NetflixYou can one again learn a thing or two from Bill Nye!
There's Now Music Scientifically Created For Cats (And They Like It!)Apparently, they think it's purrfect.
Attractive Men Are Jerks, Says ScienceIt's scientifically true.
15 Things To Do In The Bay Area -- Week Of November 16th To 23rdKayaking with the kids, 80s culture, old tech, Raiders could win one, disco, Celtic harp, and science top this week's 15 Things To Do in the Bay Area.
According To A University Study, This Is Why We Listen To Sad MusicYep, we all sort of like being sad sometimes.
The San Francisco Exploratorium Is Free This Sunday Also: stop by the TCHO Chocolate Factory next door.
You May Soon Be Able to Charge Your Phone Using a TattooYou'd be able to watch kitten videos ALL DAY LONG.

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