Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 3.10.201650 Cent's going bankrupt while rolling in cash, the most interesting man in the world goes to Mars for good, Dr. Luke's lawyer dismisses rumors Sony may drop producer, Vinnie reads your contributions via text(25423), we peak for the week the the movie review, and find out who wins in the Battle Royale!
Sarah And Vinnie's Full Show Podcast: 3.08.2016Erin Andrews won in her peephole lawsuit, Steven Tyler's new girlfriend, Katt Williams still acting out, Gavin is not the father, Donald Trump doing well in his campaign, Kim Kardashian feuds with Bette Midler, Rihanna invents the heeled denim shoe-pants, a lawyer is suing law school, a few fast facts, and a man survives a tragic fall!
Apparently Suge Knight, Katt Williams, and Rapper Too $hort Are Involved In The Leland Yee Corruption CaseThe plot thickens.
Pick-A-Side: Most Annoying Celebrity of 2012?From DUIs to assaults, they have been in the news. These are the celebrities at one point in 2012, just irked the hell out of everyone. Vote for the top 10 annoying celebrities of 2012…

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