Watch: Rashida Jones Takes Us To The '90s In Music Video For "Flip And Rewind"The '90s Nostalgia Feels Are The Absolute Realest...
Watch The Coolest Kid On The Planet Fiercely Dance At Kings Preseason GameCarlton, Steve Urkel, And Napoleon Dynamite have got NOTHING on this little dude...
Awesome Weatherman Gives Forecast Using Taylor Swift Lyrics"Never change, Mike the weather man," Taylor Swift wrote. "Never change."
Mom Of Lesbian Re-Enacts Her Daughter's Coming Out In Hilarious, Sweet WayThey say moms know best, and they don't say that for no reason.
Has Rihanna Been Punking Us This Whole Time With Her Crazy Outfits?Here's the proof.
Tom Green Visits Sarah and VinnieTom Green's performing at Cobb's this weekend, so he stopped by Sarah & Vinnie's to talk about his new show, doing stand-up, and his wonderful parents.
California Hacker Tweaks Tinder, Causes Straight Males To Unintentionally Flirt With Each OtherWell this is awkward.
Here Are The Funniest Live News Bloopers Of 2014"I'M NOT LAURENCE FISHBURNE."
Who Would Buy A 2015 Puppies With Guns Calendar?If you're holiday shopping and still don't know what to get for that picky brother or the aunt who has everything then why not consider this: a 2015 Puppies With Guns Calendar.
New Dad In Brooklyn Shaves Beard Off, Preserves It In Lucite (Because Why Not?)"One thing in particular that nobody mentions about becoming a father is that beards and babies do not get along."
Anybody Want To Buy A Pirate Ship?Merry, uh, Christmas?
Watch Chris Pratt Demonstrate How Easy It Is To Make A Marvel Superhero Movie"We made a superhero team by pointing at random words in the dictionary."

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