Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.17.2017The entire morning crew wears “TEAM SARAH” shirts to celebrate Sarah’s birthday weekend!
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.16.2017Uzette gives her impression of Madea and we learn that Vinnie’s brother works on a lot of Tyler Perry movies! The rain caused a few car accidents this morning. No one on the show likes seat warmers. Hooman has more plans for his birthday week, including a party on Saturday!
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.15.2017We all wish our very own Hooman a Happy Birthday! Vinnie’s day included an oil change, a run, and surfing. Rain and snow have hit the Bay Area. Hooman tells us everything that’s planned for his birthday week.
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.14.2017Trying to keep up with sexual harassment in Hollywood. A pair of raccoons frightened Uzette this morning and Sarah almost hit a coyote on her way in! Dick and Chumley had an incident with poop yesterday. Vinnie went on a much-needed surf trip.
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.13.2017Vinnie finally finishes moving and watched 'Stranger Things 2'. Sarah is done caulking her shed and Uzette and Vinnie tell hilarious stories about playing with kids!
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.10.2017We revisit the hilarious emoji story from Thursday! Uzette’s new favorite phrase is “Have the day you deserve.” Everyone’s plans for the weekend. North Bay Produce is bringing in Apples this morning! Johnny V’s change to selling Mercedes. Hooman gets a Massage up to 4 per week!
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.09.2017Sarah & Vinnie talk Survivor, it’s is better than ever!  Our friend Rudy will join the Secret Show today. Isla went to the doctor for a bee sting. The troubles of chewing gum and traffic in the city is terrible, thanks to the DreamForce convention.
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.08.2017Vinnie has a long day with Isla, attempting to fix his ceiling, and a nighttime surprise. Sarah posted a picture of Dick & Chumley with their new custom gear on Instagram @clarkieclark!
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.07.2017Vinnie ran errands and made cards with Isla for Jacob Thompson! Check out a picture of their envelope @vinhasson on Instagram. Sarah finished caulking her shed and gives an update on more home improvements!
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.06.2017Sarah paints; Vinnie and his family saw Aladdin; Salesforce week begins and there’s a huge concert tomorrow! + Uzette had a blast at the Tails and Ales event!
Sarah And Vinnie's Lost 30 Podcast: 11.03.2017Weather Update - It’s rainy in the Bay Area. Sarah & Uzette went shopping for Levi's with Tommy Igoe!
Sarah And Vinnie’s Lost 30 Podcast: 11.02.2017Vinnie tells us all about Isla’s birthday party and more on today's 'Lost 30'.

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