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Sarah And Vinnie's Halloween Secret ShowCheck out pictures from Sarah And Vinnie's Halloween Secret Show 2017 at Club Fugazi in San Francisco.
Uzette Headed To Les Schwab To Make Fire Relief DonationsLes Schwab has 4 locations in the Sonoma County and have a huge semi-truck that is making the rounds every few hours to pick up donations. Jason and Jessy from the Les Schwab on Santa Rosa Ave said you can find the closest Les Schwab to you and they will find a way to get items up to Sonoma.
San Carlos Art & Wine Fest 2017Did the Alice Entourage snap your picture at the San Carlos Art & Wine Fest 2017? Download here!
Burning Man 2017Check out some amazing photos from this year's Burning Man. (Photos by Frank Quirarte Photography/
Carlos Santana On Sarah And VinniePhotos of the legendary Carlos Santana when he joined Sarah and Vinnie.
Hooman Prepares For The SF Stair Climb1197 STAIRS. That’s the number of stairs that Hooman and Bryn are climbing to raise money for our first responders who are ALWAYS THERE FOR US.
  1. Crystal says:

    Wow! You both look great!

  2. Mookie says:

    Much better looking on the radio.
    And Sarah, please, pretty please, never do your Cartman voice.
    Just awful.

    1. BIG DADDY DAVE says:


  3. Elena says:

    Hello Guys, I have been listening yours show for many years on my way to work, thank you, I love it.
    I don’t know what possess me, but today I decided to see how you actually look and what a surprise, you look completely different then I imagine. Sara, you look very cute…

  4. Andrea says:

    Hello Everyone at Alice! I love listening to the morning show on my way to work! I have a long commute and listening to you all makes it bearable! So thank you I love it!

  5. Marc says:

    I don’t understand why you always say you have a big butt , I think you look great in those jeans !!

  6. BIG DADDY DAVE says:

    Hey Sarah and Vinnie, i just started listening to you guys on my way home from work…and its been a great drive home since I started listening. I find myself leaving it on ALICE nd not switching stations even during the commercials cause I dont want to miss a second. Keep the great banter going and I cant wait to leave work everyday now for another reason (you guys).

    -DAVE from Vallejo

  7. Andreajjj says:

    Hey guys, just moved up Seattle way after divorce. Have listened to you both for years!!!! from the beginning i guess. Glad Vinnie has got it together for good. I was listening during the no shows and could tell Sarah was more worried than she let on. Ask Vinnie if he has had any more sex with cucumbers? That should let you know how long i’ve been listening. You guys are great and make my day. Thank God for the internet. I’m Sarah’s age and hope you guys never stop. Faithful listener. Rock on!!!

  8. C says:


    At the Oscar’s (in teh beginning), he and Ann did scenes from the nominated movies. They did BLACK SWAN….James was wearing white tights…his front was alright but his BUTT was heaven…like butter,,,:-)

    Forget Ann

    Is James about to come out?


  9. gina says:

    this my first time in a long time on the site (ex got the computer). Love, love the morning show I’m a listener! my 25 mile drive is sometimes 45-min or longer and the laughs keep the commute in perspective and stop me from getting frustrated. THANKS

  10. Tina says:

    I want to kiss you Sarah..your always talking about kissing girls, and I am an awesome kissser!

  11. Mari says:

    Vinnie you look 20 yrs older than I imagined and Sarah you look 20 yrs younger than I imagined!

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