Hershey Introduces First New Flavor Since 1995

November 7, 2017
Introducing Hershey's Gold - a caramelized crème bar with peanuts and pretzels. Yup, that is correct Hershey's Gold does not contain chocolate. It joins the original chocolate, Hershey's Special Dark, and the Cookies n' Creme bar in the Hershey's select candy line-up. The bar is available starting December 1 but Food & Wine got a sneak peek and described the bar as:
Hershey’s Gold has a satisfying crunch, while the saltiness of the peanuts and pretzels give the bar a savory taste that isn’t overpowering. One may miss the chocolate foundation that Hershey's usually provides, but the caramelized crème hasn’t lost the Hershey's chocolate signature creaminess—it still tastes like a Hershey’s product even if there isn’t any chocolate in it.


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