Tonight’s 49ers Game Is Their Cheapest Ever At Levi’s Stadium

Tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup is not one of the year’s most anticipated games. The San Francisco 49ers are set to play their only primetime game of the season against the only team they beat last year, the Los Angeles Rams. Fans aren’t exactly stoked to watch the game on television, nor is there much excitement about going to the game itself at Levi’s Stadium.

Yesterday, tickets could be found for $14 a piece, today that price has risen slightly to $18 o Stubhub.

49ers fans aren’t showing up in droves to watch the Brian Hoyer-led 0-2 team that’s yet to score a touchdown this season. Especially, in rush hour Thursday night traffic at a stadium that ranks among the worst in the league.

You can get into the game tonight for less than the price of two beers or about the same price as two slices of pizza at the stadium.

Whether you want to hit up the game, or not, let’s hope to see the 49ers actually score a TD in those black uniforms tonight.

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