More ‘Stranger Things’ Funko Toys Are Coming

Funko has announced series 2 of their Stranger Things Pop! Figures plus a series of plushies and minis.

Series 1 featured many of your favorites with the second series adding more variants and new exclusives.

The new series features new versions of Eleven, Jonathan, Nancy, Dr. Martin Brenner, and Sheriff Jim Hopper plus some retail specific Joyce and Hopper in the hazmat suits.

The Mystery Minis (you don’t know the figure until you open the box) includes over twenty different figures with a few Target, Hot Topic and Gamestop exclusives.

The plushies version gives you the shot at owning your very own cuddly Demogorgan. If that is not your thing there are also two versions of Eleven along with Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Barb.

All Images: Funko and Netflix


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