Starbucks Brings Us The Unicorn Frappuccino

The elusive mythical unicorn comes to life with a tasty frappuccino from Starbucks!

On Wednesday, April 19th Starbucks starts serving the Unicorn Frappuccino that changes colors and flavors as you stir and enjoy it.

The Unicorn Frappuccino blended crème is made with a sweet dusting of pink powder, blended into a crème Frappuccino with mango syrup and layered with a pleasantly sour blue drizzle. It is finished with vanilla whipped cream and a sprinkle of sweet pink and sour blue powder topping.

Look for it at participating Starbucks April 19th through April 23rd while supplies last.


Bradford Hornsby is an editor, music writer, web producer, and pop culture blogger for CBS stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find him on Twitter at @bradfordhornsby.


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