Daria Creator Reveals Cast As Adults

The cast of Daria, including of course Mystik Spiral, will forever have a special place in my 29 year-old, angst-y heart.

MTV kinda killed it with its programming lineup back in the day. Daria was a part of that beautiful time.

From its angsty Splendora written theme song to the blatant yet endearing cynicism of its main character, it showed what it felt like to be an outcast. Daria basically pioneered the d.g.a.f. attitude, and honorably bared the burden of being one of the only few in Lawndale allergic to BS.

Crazily enough, its creator has provided us with what everyone has been up to 20 years later. Yes, I said 20, and yes, we are old.

Spoiler alert: based on her picture, she never did find those rose-colored-glasses. (Thank God.)

P.S. This is my Alice Cubby. #TeamDaria

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